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The video page has been updated we have new kneeboard clips to view. These video clips are under beta testing so if you have problems viewing them and your on 384k cable or faster please e-mail us and let us know. If you don't have any problems let us know too so we can bring you better and longer clips of local and pro events.

How to do an Ole'

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Dan Henning
When you become a pro rider, there's the good, the bad and the ugly.  This is what happens when your not committed to learning the trick.  Dan did this while kind of attempting a Maccosini (hitting the wake backwards, doing a front somersault and landing backwards).  You have to commit to a trick.  When you do, you usually don't get hurt!!

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Please take 2 minutes to go to  waterski magazine's site and just tell them you will be canceling your subscription if they dont start adding more kneeboarding to there publications. (click here)  Waterski mag

Interview with the man!

David MacDonald

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Ask Peter Parrillo

Here is were you can ask Pro Hydroslide rider Peter Parrillo questions on Kneeboarding and and get tips on how to do the hardest tricks out there!



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If you're a Kneeboarder and love to ride, we want you featured here. Just send a photo of you or your friends kneeboarding. Along with it, send us the who, what, where.  Otherwise, it goes in the garbage! The more we know about you, the more we can say!  Get it?  Good. So get out and start riding!

Overton's Pulls Out!

It appears that Overton's water sports catalog is the only company not carrying "Air Assault".  Overton's is a family run business and very religious.  Apparently a very conservative parent watched the video with their child and complained to Overton's that they did not appreciate the word "Nookie".  It's quite ironic, however, that Overton's carry's many wakeboard video's which talk about pot, show drinking and bits of "R" rated nudity.  Somehow Overton's has made a poor judgement but then again, Air Assault is not distributed by a wakeboard manufacturer.  Although many kneeboard manufacturers did sponsor the video.  Maybe Parker Overton should think twice about dropping the video?  Tell us what you think!

If you haven't picked up your copy of "Air Assault", you can pick it up at these fine retailers:

Ski Limited

Extreme Boarders

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Want to become a pro well here's your first lesson towards obtaining every move you want in Kneeboarding!

Rule one when you go out on your lake to Kneeboard don't ask your friends to go skiing ask them to go riding, were not slalom skiers we go big!! Second  find out your level of riding, don't try and ride above your level. Third with almost every trick you must maintain your edge completely threw the wake that means if the board is flat at the wake you will not be able to do the trick properly. Fourth hand position should always be in the center of gravity if you put your hands out you will be pulled in that direction and most of the time that will be forward causing you to go out the front and taking a nice crash. Most common problem is bringing your hands away from your chest or stomach and bringing them over your head bad move this stops your rotation immediately. Fifth and one of the most when trying a new trick do not bail letting go off the handle will stop your rotation immediately and you could get really hurt. In conclusion we have learned address the sport of Kneeboarding by saying "riding" not skiing. Find your level of riding and try tricks in that level. Edge completely threw the wake. Keep hand in center of gravity. And last but least don't bail out. If you live by these rules you will advance yourself to becoming a professional Kneeboarder good luck and go big!!! 

NEW KNEEBOARD VIDEO!!!                          NEW KNEEBOARD VIDEO!!!

The highly awaited Kneeboard Video Air Assault is in stores now. Look for it in all the water sports catalogs, or click here to order your copy here now. 


The Ole' - a 360 with the rope over your head!  

Start out next to the wake.  Your boat speed should be about 21 -22 mph and the rope length between 45-55 feet.  Edge away from the wake as though you wanted to cut way outside.  As you reach halfway out, flatten out the board and pull the rope hard to create slack in the rope.  As you finish pulling, raise your arms over your head and spin into a 360.  WARNING:  If you don't get 3/4 of the way around, you may get side-smacked.    This trick is really easy, but keep your senses.  Good luck!

Kneeboard video clips

You really need to get Air Assault if your a Kneeboarder!  Not only do you see the latest moves but you get a quick instructional on how to do some of these tricks.  Take a look at the video clips we have posted.  You must first register to get your password to view the sample Clips.  To get your user name and password CLICK HERE!


We need info from people that would be interested in watching tournaments via web cast. Extreme Boarders' would do the filming.  If you didn't make it to the event, visit our site to watch them here! Our first one would be in may or June.  It will be invitation only. You will need a user name and password to view it.  Join up now! This is totally different from the membership-click here if you are interested.


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Double/Triple Up

Want to increase your height?  Why not try a double up! Don't know what it is?  How about a triple up? Learn how to drive for it and ski into it to hit it every time!!   



5 Ways to enhance your wake!

Here you will find the best ways to meets your boat's full potential for a real wake.



Kneeboard chats 

The next Kneeboard chat will be on August 8th at 8:30pm eastern time. Rob Kocher will host the chat!!


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