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One of the major kneeboard manufacturers has sold an overwhelming amount of kneeboards this year!  It proves that kneeboarding is still alive, just not competitive.  This same manufacturer is talking about spending some $$$$ to design a new board and pad system.  Keep watching for updates!

Take some pictures & videos when you're out this weekend!  What tricks can you do?  We'll send someone a copy of Air Assault.  Just send in your best moves!







 Interview with the David MacDonald - the first person to do a double flip off the wake.  He is still riding strong and has a couple of sponsors! 


NEWS FLASH - Over 1000 Copies sold

Air Assault - The Video

Chad Graham

One of the newest top Kneeboarders out there! Favorite move -- S-Bend
Working on: 313 and a double front flip
INT National Champion in outlaw division 1999 


If you're a Kneeboarder and love to ride, we want you featured here. Just send a photo of you or your friends kneeboarding. Along with it, send us the who, what, where.  Otherwise, it goes in the garbage! The more we know about you, the more we can say!  Get it?  Good. So get out and start riding 
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NEW KNEEBOARD VIDEO!!!                          NEW KNEEBOARD VIDEO!!!

The highly awaited Kneeboard Video Air Assault will be in stores around April 1st. Look for it in all the water sports catalogs, or click here to pre-order your copy here now. 


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Here's how to do a simple Backroll (barrel roll)!


 Start out 8 - 10 feet from the wake.  Your boat speed should be about 21 -22 mph and the rope length between 45-55 feet.  Edge toward the wake as though you wanted to clear both wakes on a wake jump.  Hold that edge all the way through the wake.  As you feel yourself lifting into the air, pull the handle across your body, keeping it in to your stomach (pull it to a hip).  As you are doing this, look over your shoulder farthest from the boat AND drop your other shoulder in to your knees.  This is all done at the same time.  The key is waiting until you are leaving the wake.  If you "throw" it before you leave the wake, you won't have enough air to complete the rotation.  It also helps if you are using a baseball grip and hands spread wide on the handle.  Good luck!

Kneeboard video clips

You really need to get Air Assault if your a kneeboarder!  Not only do you see the latest moves but you get a quick instructional on how to do some of these tricks.  Take a look at the video clips we have posted.  You must first register to get your password to view the sample Clips.  To get your user name and password CLICK HERE!


We need info from people that would be interested in watching tournaments via web cast. Extreme Boarders would do the filming.  If you didn't make it to the event, visit our site to watch them here! Our first one would be in may or June.  It will be invitation only. You will need a user name and password to view it.  Join up now! This is totally different from the membership-click here if you are interested.


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Double/Triple Up
Want to increase your height?  Why not try a double up! Don't know what it is?  How about a triple up? Learn how to drive for it and ski into it to hit it every time!!   



5 Ways to enhance your wake!

Here you will find the best ways to meets your boat's full potential for a real wake.



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The next Kneeboard chat will be on May 30th at 8:30pm eastern time


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